Why is this change?

Well, every business needs a change to be more competitive customer focused and be more viable. 

Vocaltone Networks Inc. Buy Minute customer business has been fully acquired by Vocaltone Networks Australia Pty. Ltd., and merged with its famous “Call Minutes Product” in order to provide a global accessibility from all over the world. The customers from Canada/USA/UK/Italy and other countries will still enjoy the service and the quality of communication at a more reasonable and competitive price in Australian Dollars. Call Minutes, will honour all of the services Vocaltone companies provided throughout the world.

All of your account access details will stay the same.

A few changes though................

Toronto Service Access Number: 416 907 0533
Toll free service access Number: 1 877 777 0324/ 1888 419 6833

Dialing Instructions:
011+Country code+Number for any country including Canada/USA

Proceed to Call Minutes

Have Questions??

Help Line: 416 907 0421
Help Email: support@vocaltone.com

(Any existing customer having trouble with the new rebranded Vocaltone product please contact for immediate assistance)